I would like to thank everyone for all the great support and encouragement. As many of you are aware, it is very difficult, however not impossible, to unseat an incumbent. I feel confident that IF I get a fair chance to be heard AND enough good voters will give me an unbiased chance, then this election will work out for the very best for all of Henry County and surrounding areas. This is the very reason why I announced to run over (18) eighteen months out from the election.

I took into account that it may put Lane on the defense and change his normal pattern which he’d get out into the media as much as possible and get out and about in the community as much as possible, in which he has done. He took full advantage, as I was working in Afghanistan, he continues to do so and I assure you that he will continue on until this upcoming election. However, I must say, I have never seen Lane work this hard in all the years that I have known him. It is evident that Lane is worried, as he should be. He knows most of the insights that I know, however, by the time that this election is here, I will prove to the citizens the best man for the job to faithfully serve them for years to come. I will test Lane’s so-call integrity and raise the eyebrows to the few people and surrounding elected officials that spoke on Lane’s integrity in office. No one has any idea what goes on behind closed doors unless you lived behind those doors for a while.

I would encourage everyone not to take my word or the word of a man that is just trying to survive every four years. Do your due diligence, research all the candidates, listen to their campaign platform and make the best logical decision for our community to move forward. Time is vital for growth, I understand that it’s often scary having to trust someone that you don’t know, however, I would encourage everyone to ask people that I have worked alongside with for my entire law enforcement career and even further back.

Thank you for everyone that is following throughout this campaign and please encouragement others to visit my campaign website at www.johncassellforsheriff.com for further information. This site is also routinely updated with new information, so please visit often.