You have to ask yourself why did the Mexican cartel place their people in our county to help distribute cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. According to Sheriff Perry’s response to the county’s drug problem, “Drugs are everywhere and it’s a problem all across our Nation. It’s not as bad here as it is anywhere else”. Sheriff Perry is also quick to take the defense against the State Health Department’s report that Henry County has the highest opioid death rate in Virginia, as much as triple the rate than any other area in Virginia. He has stated that the VSHD’s report is misleading and inaccurate.

It is apparent that Sheriff Perry’s reactive approach to our community’s drug epidemic is not working and the only thing that he is worried about is how to belittle the issue as much as possible. We can all be thankful that at least the Federal Government and State Police have a different approach to our drug epidemic.

In my opinion, change is often needed for growth. This is why so many other elected positions have limited terms, mainly to prevent corruption and in order to generate new platforms that can best suit the office in which they serve. Sheriff Perry is approaching 13 years as Sheriff. Henry County is in worse shape then it has been in a long time. We are now known for our drug problem, high crime rates, recent numerous unsolved homicides, and now the Mexican cartel has purposely selected our community to help distribute drugs all along the Mid-Atlantic, east coast.

Being a nice guy, as Sheriff Perry is commonly referred to as, is not the only quality that is needed to be Sheriff. There comes a time when we as a community need to make the hard decisions for change. That time is now!

Do you, as a community, want (4) four more years of the same reactive response or even worse, maybe not much response at all. Sheriff Perry has already stated that he is not going to seek re-election IF he wins one more time. I encourage every Henry County voter to exercise due diligence for our upcoming local election. Ask all the candidates the hard questions and demand the answers. This is your right as a voter and it is each voter’s responsibility to vote for the best, qualified person that you trust to provide the best service. I would not recommend selecting someone just because a person appears to be nice out in public and he/she smiled at you and spoke to you at one time or another.

As a Henry County Sheriff’s candidate, it is my responsibility to bring forth the information based on facts that will enable each voter to select the best candidate. I am confident that if I am given an equal, unbiased chance that the best will prevail. I have a strong campaign platform and I am currently working on forming a strong administration, one that will be energized and ready to accept the difficult challenges that plague our community.

Henry County, “IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE” join me in becoming a part of the change!!!